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Commercial fishermen: Net ban would destroy N.C. seafood industry

AR-160529725.jpg&MaxW=315&MaxH=315A state House bill first introduced 16 years ago has been resurrected that would ban the use of large trawling nets in state waters, a move that the commercial fishing industry says could destroy the livelihood for most North Carolina fishermen. New Bern native Billy Richardson, D­-Cumberland, filed a bill that would let voters decide whether to outlaw gill and certain other nets in all state coastal waters. If the N.C. General Assembly supports House Bill 1122, the binding referendum would be on the November election ballot. “It would be the end of North Carolina’s (commercial) fishery,” said Wayne Dunbar, a waterman for nearly 40 years, located in Pamlico County’s Paradise Shores on Lower Broad Creek, leading into the Pamlico Sound. “People that don’t fish wouldn’t get North Carolina seafood.” Read the story here 18:44

Selling out the Fishermen and Consumers in Port Phillip

Nets ban snares fishermen – The lost campaign to continue in Port Phillip has had a devastating impact on established participants. One Rye fisherman of long standing was too upset to talk last week with his livelihood – and way of life – coming to an end. Seafood Industry Victoria CEO Johnathon Davey said many bay fishermen, after fighting the impending ban for five or even 10 years, had “developed mental health issues which have not been thought through” by decision-makers. Diabolical. Read the article here 15:25

EDITORIAL: Net ban still galls, 20 years on

Okaloosa County got lucky with the net ban. When, in 1994, Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment outlawing fishing nets larger than 500 square feet, critics warned it would wallop the fishing industry. It did, but commercial fishermen either persevered or found other ways to make a living. That says more about the resilience of fishermen, though, than it does about the wisdom of the net ban. Read the rest here 11:29