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Massachusetts: “Hey ! your going the wrong way.” Renewable Energy Failures Mount, While in RI,,,

wogangsterumdieeckeknallen-hauptfotoRemember Governor Patrick (the guy fighting Commerce for Fish Aid?) wanted the Massachusetts taxpayers to build the 91 million dollar “ship to no where” in 2010? Governor Patrick proposed a specialized “jack up” vessel for installing offshore wind farms. Who exactly is determining the direction of spending hundreds of millions of Massachusetts taxpayer dollars on ocean wind turbine projects ? You’ve gotta Read more here! 19:21

Deepwater Wind critic alleges mishandling of public hearings   The complaint filed on July 11 centers on Shields’ testimony at a CRMC subcommittee hearing on Feb. 27, when he alleges the subcommittee members prevented him and two other individuals from testifying on the potential negative economic impact of the wind farm, while proponents of Deepwater Wind were allowed to comment on project costs and economics without interruption. 20:40

Cape Winds Massachusetts Renewable Energy Circus – local news media lacks any kind of investigative journalism.

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In 2010 Governor Deval Patrick announced the building of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal costing 35 million. The terminal is being built as an ocean wind turbine port today at a price of 100 million. At least that is what it being told the public through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.   At the same in 2010 the BOEM, Bureau of Ocean Management gave Cape Wind a federal permit to build and stage their Nantucket Shoals 130 wind turbines from Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Read more here 09:43

New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal: Dirty Little Secret

tweedledee beenie duvalWhile researching the latest Cape Wind story and the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. I get the sense that the Patrick administration sold the Legislature on the NB terminal using Cape Wind.,, The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will not comment on any finances with the ongoing terminal project. Generally when state officials refuse comment on finances the projects are financially out of control. Read more here, and learn just who is Sally Reynolds! 11:55