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Alleged crack head busted for allegedly poaching eels, and allegedly possessing meth!

AR-160409755.jpg&MaxW=315&MaxH=315A man was arrested for allegedly poaching eels in the Hampton Falls River on Friday, as well as for alleged methamphetamine possession, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game. Drew Hankins, 27, of Newbury, was arrested in the early morning and charged with illegally catching American eels after a foot pursuit by New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation officers and the New Hampshire State Police near Route 1, according to Fish and Game. When a uniformed Fish and Game officer approached Hankins, Eastman said Hankins jumped into the river and began swimming across toward a culvert. When Hankins saw a state trooper waiting there, he swam back to the Fish and Game officer and turned himself in. Read the article, click here 09:43

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials to hold session on groundfish relief money

New Hampshire cash officials will hold a public information session on fashioning a spending plan for additional disaster relief funds coming to the state’s groundfish industry. The session will be held on June 30 at 6 p.m. at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth. New Hampshire is receiving an additional $1 million in Greater Atlantic Fisheries Disaster Funds. The disaster funding recognizes how the groundfish industry has been affected by mandatory harvest reductions since 2013. Read the rest here 22:32

It isn’t clear what has led to the increase, but River Herring numbers up in NH, although still far short of past years

“They were a huge part of the ecosystem here, especially in near-shore environments where everything eats them – fish, seals, gulls, ospreys,” said Matt Carpenter, fisheries biologist for New Hampshire Fish and Game. “Historically, they were one of the species that ran up all the rivers all along the coast, but were wiped out by dams, some overfishing issues, ocean predation and other ocean issues, predation (in fresh water) by striped bass.” continued