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Newport Port Commission considers re-hiring Don Mann as “Interim” Port Manager

After several years of being adrift with financial uncertainties and worsening port facility maintenance, the Newport Port Commission on Tuesday is expected to hire an interim port manager while yet another new permanent port manager is recruited and hired. The last port manager was fired after a very short time on the job. The port manager before him struggled for several years trying to get the port some traction on finishing up the International Terminal but couldn’t close a deal with outside business interests. >click to read<14:07

Newport Port Commission Chairwoman resigns – fishermen dare commission to raise moorage/equipment rates

There was no explanation or any details about Patricia Patrick-Joling’s resignation or in Commissioner Jeff Lackey’s self-removal as Commission Vice-President. Ms. Patrick-Joling was not immediately available for comment. However, News Lincoln County can report that this week’s port commission meeting saw a large crowd of commercial and private fishermen lambasting the commission for what they described as an ineffective agency and daring the commission to raise moorage rates and rates for use of heavy equipment to load and offload fishing vessels. Comments were often made as to the central, if not pivotal role, that commercial fishing contributes to the port’s income and that if rates are raised to the extent recommended by port staff, they will pick up and move.>click to read<09:39

Newport Port Commission gets an earful from the fishing community

The Newport Port Commission this week got an earful from a large group of commercial fishing families who contend that the port’s financial troubles should not be placed on the backs of the fishing community. The port commission this week was scheduled to consider fee and lease increases which fishermen claim would raise their rent and service rates 18% to 60%. Several fishermen came right out and accused the commission of trying to make up for lost income and other opportunities at the still under-developed Newport International Terminal. >click to read<09:35

Two Newport Port Commissioners and Staff to Meet with Federal Grant Officials to Save International Terminal Project

Two Newport Port Commissioners and staff will meet Monday for a reality check with federal officials over a big grant to support the completion of the long-awaited International Terminal. The project involves the city of Newport that may be in a position to provide urban renewal bonding as well as support from the Hall family which owns waterfront property just to the east. But none of it can happen unless the Port can keep the effort on target and on time. click here to read the story 09:50