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Greens fight and fuss but shark nets are coming

b88397553z1_20161025142244_000ghccc9qb2-0-8l3f4vbng44hk3y94n2_ct620x465A SPATE of shark attacks and failed attempts to find an eco-friendly alternative means mesh nets known to kill dolphins and other non-shark species are almost certain to be rolled out at New South Wales North Coast beaches. The NSW Government has reversed its opposition to installing the nets and announced plans to launch a six-month trial on the North Coast before the summer holidays. The policy shift brings the government in line with NSW Labor, meaning the shark net legislation will pass through parliament when introduced next month despite Greens opposition. Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said he wanted to get the nets into the water “as soon as possible”. “Marine life is important, which is why DPI’s world-leading fisheries experts are investigating how mesh nets might be improved to avoid unnecessary entanglements, but protecting human life is our first priority,” he said. Read the rest here 08:07

New South Wales catch shares – Talk of revolt as fishers drown in bureaucracy

b88311122z1_20160907160353_000g2la8ld03-0-qmsd3bys9qq5rkeoum2_fct1641x1219x359x68_ct620x465NORTH Coast fishers say imported muck will be the only seafood on the menu once statewide commercial fishing reforms reduce the state’s already pathetic domestic fish intake. Wild Caught Fishers Coalition released a statement saying less than 1000 active fishers remain in New South Wales, with that number threatening to take a sharp dive. Already 85% of seafood eaten in NSW is imported. With the NSW Government holding a “preview” share trading (catch shares) period after failing to tell fishers how to buy back their jobs and what it would cost, the industry is starting to talk of mutiny. “Mentally the majority of commercial fishers and their families are now demoralised,” the WCFC statement said. “Now they are asked to participate in a mock auction as government tries to learn how fishers will vie to regain their present stolen history. “Academics teaching fisheries economics indicate this would create a revolt in other countries.” Read the story here 22:18