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Kerry: Obama looking to senators to make Atlantic monument happen

cashes ledge closedSpeaking at the Our Oceans Conference in Valparaiso, Chile, Kerry followed a reference to the newly created sanctuaries off the coast of Maryland and along the Great Lakes coast of Wisconsin, by saying “We also have plans in the works which we are pursuing for still another significant one in the Atlantic, where we don’t have the kind of presence that we want and should.” Kerry added that the Obama administration is working with senators “engaged in that particular area in order to make that happen.” That seemed to toss the ball squarely back into the court of, among other New England senators, Elizabeth Warren and Edward J. Markey, both of whom have been silent on the issue. Read the rest here 08:04

Aleutians monument labeled threat, derided as ‘straw man’

No FishingAlaska Congressman Don Young and other Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee Tuesday morning attacked the idea that President Obama might create a marine national monument around the Aleutian Islands, with unknown effects on the fishing industry. “I’ve watched this over and over: The creeping cancer of the federal government overreaching,” Young said. “The worst managers of any resource is the federal government. They do not manage. They preclude.” The idea of protecting the waters of the Aleutian Chain came from environmentalist and retired UAA professor Rick Steiner. Read the rest here 10:38

Obama’s Marine Monument Expansion “Betrays US Fishermen,” Says Western Pacific Fishery Council

I hate fishing so much, I'm gonna shut it down, and Valerie's gonna help me do it!

I hate fishing so much, I’m gonna shut it down, and Valerie’s gonna help me do it!

The voting members of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC) from the State of Hawaii, Territories of American Samoa, and Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, have analyzed the Obama Administration’s newly announced plan to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Read more here    Read the WPRFMC’s response to President Obama here  WPRFMC Press Conference (6-25-14) video 16:30