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Oppose Offshore Wind/Industrialization: California, catch the next big energy wave!

130301_ALT_windfarm_jpg_CROP_article568-largeThe first U.S. offshore wind turbine hooked into the U.S. power grid in June, but not in the “green” state of California. It happened on the opposite side of the continent, off the coast of Maine, using a floating wind-generator prototype well suited for the deep ocean water typically found off the coast of California. David Helvarg is the executive director of Blue Frontier, an ocean conservation group. [email protected]

Shell abandons Arctic drilling in 2013

Royal Dutch Shell announced Wednesday that it will not drill in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Alaska this year, declaring a cease-fire in one of the nation’s fiercest political battles over energy development and environmental protection. Read more

Companies signal interest in offshore Va. winds

offshorewindturbinesEnergy Management Inc., developer of the Cape Wind project in federal waters off Massachusetts’ Cape Cod, and Sea Breeze Power Corp. alerted the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management that they might join the bidding later this year to develop wind energy in the 133-square-mile area off Virginia Beach. They join Dominion Virginia Power and seven other energy companies that have already expressed interest. Read more here