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Eating Fish During Pregnancy Might Prevent Childhood Asthma

Consuming an actual fish by the mother as compared to fish oil could actually be beneficial in protecting the offspring from asthma. The research was the work of the researchers at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla wherein they conducted a scientific review of two studies that show that children whose mothers who consume  high-dose omega-3 fatty acids daily during their third trimester have lesser chances of having breathing problems. click here to read the story 11:16

Pediatrician Encourages Parents to Make a Resolution to Eat Fish Once or Twice a Week to Improve Health

As part of a 12-month resolution challenge designed to help families eat nutritious foods and become physically active,an Austin, TX pediatrician, recommends eating fish once or twice a week, beginning in November. By eating meals consisting of fish on a weekly basis, families can prevent certain diseases and chronic illnesses. Read the rest here 08:09