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One Square Mile: Opioids In New Bedford’s Fishing Industry – Parts 1 and 2

Captain Mario Gonsalves drove up to the docks one December morning to find his fishing boat caked with ice. Gonsalves and his five-man crew fish for whiting, squid and scup year round — in all kinds of weather.“Right now we drug test all the time,’’ Gonsalves said. “We never used to do that but since a couple months back we started drug testing everybody…. Part 1 >click to read< Andrew Dillon has had a front row seat to the opioid epidemic in New Bedford. His dinner is a favorite for local fishermen. Sometimes he sees customers come in so high they can barely stay awake. Part 2>click to read< 10:01 

A deadly epidemic: Addiction to opioids has put an entire generation at risk

Dr. Mary Dowd slid into a chair inside the Portland offices of Catholic Charities and surveyed the list of patients, all battling opioid addiction.,, Many people struggling with addiction find treatment and regain their lives. She sees it every day. Those are the lucky ones. But it’s the people she never gets to see who frustrate her. The ones who don’t make it. The ones who are dying in unprecedented numbers. They are dying in the potato fields of Aroostook County and the lobster-fishing harbors Down East. They are dying in the western Maine foothills where paper mill closures have sown economic anxiety. They are dying in cities like Portland and Lewiston and in the suburbs, where opioids are in plentiful supply. They are dying in New Bedford, Portsmouth, Anytown USA. I know this is not a fishing article, but it is a problem within every fishing community, not only ours. It’s a human tragedy. Read this story here 15:03