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The Goodness of People – Fish fry raises $16,000 for out-of-work crab fishermen

b.900.700.0.0.stories.2016.03_Mar.08.fish%20fry%20(5%20of%2012)_2A fish fry for out of work crabbers struggling to get by netted more than $16,000 Saturday and donations are still pouring in. Three short weeks after deciding to host a benefit dinner, the Crescent City Commercial Fishermen’s Association served up more than 500 fish and chip baskets featuring red snapper fresh from the ocean. Much of the fish came from Pacific Choice Seafoods as well as from local fishermen, said association Vice President John Beardon. We were expecting 300 people we sold way more tickets than that,” Beardon said, adding that roughly 25 volunteers helped cook and serve the fish dinners. “We had so many volunteers show up, it’s been phenomenal. The support has been just amazing.” Read the rest here 17:23

Pacific Seafood Group sues National Marine Fisheries Service – calling fishery quota restrictions illegal

California-based groundfish catcher and processor Pacific Seafood has sued the US government seeking to overturn what they say are “illegal” regulations that threaten the company’s future. A company subsidiary, Pacific Choice Seafoods, which operates a processing plant as well as vessels that fish the Pacific Coast groundfish limited-entry trawl fishery, filed suit on Dec. 4 in a northern California federal court against the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and its ultimate overseer, US commerce secretary Penny Pritzker. Read the article here 13:50