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So many kings

With the commercial catch of king salmon off the mouth of the Copper River steadily growing, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has gone all in on the idea that a preseason forecast that suggested a return of only 29,000 of the big fish was in error. The agency on Friday announced it will lift a restriction that limited subsistence fishermen on the Copper to two fish, and open sport fisheries along the river it had ordered closed before the season even began. The action comes amid mounting public pressure for the agency to see the annual catch of kings, or Chinook as they called elsewhere, is shared among subsistence, commercial, sport and personal-use fishermen. The subsistence fishermen, who are supposed to have a legal priority on harvest, started the season limited to two fish, and told they would get only one-fifth slice of an allowable harvest of only 5,000 kings. That whole plan has now been ditched. click here to read the story 10:37

King concerns drive Cook Inlet fisheries

23523_354387901211_7651997_aStrong sockeye returns and low king numbers continue to drive the interplay of several Cook Inlet fisheries. Sport, commercial and personal-use fishermen all target Cook Inlet sockeyes. They also catch king salmon. Lots of info here, but we can expect that from Alaska fish reporter,Molly Dischner , Read more here 17:20