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Deep Sea Fishermen’s Benefit Fund treasurer accused of stealing over $10,000 pleads not guilty

AR-160619860.jpg&MaxW=600The treasurer for the Deep Sea Fishermen’s Benefit Fund is accused of stealing more than $10,000 from the Warrenton nonprofit. Janelle Marie Adams, 42, of Hammond, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Clatsop County Circuit Court to first-degree aggravated theft. The alleged theft occurred between May and November 2013. Warrenton Police Chief Mathew Workman said the investigation began in September 2014. Adams was arrested last month after a grand jury indictment. She is out of custody on a release agreement from the jail. Police continue to investigate, and believe she may have stolen more funds. “This has been an ongoing investigation for a couple of years now,” Workman said. “There is more to come on this.” Read the story here 11:20

The Arraignment: Carlos “Cod Father” Rafael pleads not guilty to all 27 counts

carlos rafaelIndicted fishing magnate Carlos Rafael pleaded not guilty to all 27 counts against him Thursday in federal court in Worcester, where a judge added another $1 million to Rafael’s bond and placed a fishing vessel and permit as collateral. “The (U.S.) government has confirmed with the Portuguese government that Mr. Rafael is, in fact, a citizen of Portugal,” in addition to his U.S. citizenship, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling said, explaining the reason for the additional bond request. Lelling said he and Rafael’s defense attorney, William H. Kettlewell of Boston, had agreed to the additional bond conditions before Rafael’s Thursday arraignment in U.S. District Court. Rafael’s bond now stands at a total of $2 million, with his North Dartmouth home on Tucker Lane and Carlos Seafood building, on South Front Street in New Bedford, also as collateral for the bond. Read the rest here  06:53