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These animals are eating each other! – Genetics lab unravels mystery whale killing at sea

Little was left of the kill when biologists reached the scene. Frenzied swimming churned the ocean surface. Geysers of bloody water sprayed into the air. Hungry seabirds circled in search of leftovers. But by the time the large research ship arrived at the scene, all biologists could find was a slick of oil from the vanished victim. That, and the unidentified animal’s lungs and heart. Read the rest here 17:01

A potentially troubling development – Dolphin virus turns up in 4 dead whales

The virus that has killed nearly 800 bottlenose dolphins off the East Coast has turned up in four whales that have washed ashore, a potentially troubling development if it is shown to be the cause of their deaths, a government marine expert said Thursday. [email protected] 16:26