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Letter: A ‘fish bill,’ like Farm Bill needed for industry

manatthewheelI agree with both Sens. Warren and Markey that the federal government, not fishermen, should pay for NOAA’s at-sea and dockside observers. We need, first of all, a clear interpretation of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, including the acceptance of other scientific data to be compared to NOAA data. We also need a long-term solution to our fishing industry problems. Read the rest here 11:14

Letter to the editor: Fisherman’s letters deserve answers – Sam Parisi, Gloucester

gdt iconI believe that fisherman Paul Cohan is right on target every time I read something he has written in the Times (Letters, “Fishery time lines a recipe for failure,” Wednesday, Sept. 11). He makes a lot of sense. However, it’s too bad that he — or we — can’t make NOAA listen to our pleas. And, I think, since they are paid from our tax money and have a job, why should they care about our fishermen? [email protected] 22:04

To the Editor: Why can’t fishermen earn a living? by Sam Parisi Gloucester

What will it take to have our government help or even allow our fishermen to earn a living? Read more