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Invasive seaweed threatens Gulf of Maine

A team of University of New Hampshire researchers working on Appledore Island at the Isles of Shoals and at off-shore sites in southern York County and Seacoast New Hampshire recently published a study that reaches some unsettling conclusions. Essentially, the ocean floor in the Seacoast is seeing a marked decline in the often tall, leafy native kelp populations and an inundation of short, shrub-like invasive seaweed. Key among those invasives is the short, red fiber-like seaweed Dasysiphnia japonica, a transplant from Japan that is taking over the ocean floor in this region – covering as much as 90 percent of some areas. We were very surprised by what we saw,” said Jennifer Dijkstra, research assistant professor in the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping at UNH and the lead author of the study. click here to read the story 09:20

Maine seaweed company vies for $50,000 prize at national Slow Money event

Bangor Daily News – The VitaminSea business is growing, with SeaCrunch varieties available in health food and specialty grocery stores around the state. Whole Foods is going to stock the product at its Portland store starting in May, according to Rod Williams, one of VitaminSea’s investors who handles marketing for the company. continued