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Umar Papalia Uses Handline Fishing Method to Catch Big Tuna

The 42-year-old man has got himself prepared to go to the sea since 3:00 a.m. His wife assists him in preparing some fishing bait and lunch. Waepure fishermen believe that blessing from wife, children, and parents will invite the grace of God, which means a big catch. Umar turns on the boat engine and sails through the Seram Sea, where he can witness a horde of dolphins and seagulls. He has knowledge passed on to him by his ancestors that beneath the sea crowd there are tunas. He uses handline tuna fishing method with a single fishing line and a barbed hook. >click to read< 16:40

Shorefire fisherman Mark Rochfort feeds Christmas Island with a rod and a reel

For the past 25 years, commercial fisherman Mark Rochfort has navigated open sea off Flying Fish Cove. His company Shorefire has operated since 1994,,, Rochfort, who is nearly 60, says he still reels in fish weighing up to 200 kilograms. “I get out there in my open centre console with just a rod and reel. “People always ask me, ‘How do you do it?’ “But it’s alright — there are worse ways to make a living.” Old men and the sea – Mr Rochfort’s 83-year-old father helps him put the boat in the water every morning at 5.30am., photos, >click to read< 12:51

View to a Kill: Galápagos Sea Lions Team Up to Capture Huge Tuna

In the Pacific, off the Galápagos Islands’ coast, a clever ploy leads to a hearty feast. Sea lions cannot typically catch massive yellowfin tuna—which can swim at speeds of around 40 miles per hour. But a few fishermen recently reported a peculiar hunting behavior among the Galápagos dwellers: Using teamwork, the sea lions have been chasing and trapping the tuna in coves along the archipelago’s ragged coast. Photographer Tui De Roy, a Galápagos resident, recently captured this behavior in a series of striking images. >photo’s, click to read<09:22

Shocked fishermen discover male human genitals inside a large yellowfin tuna caught in Tampa Bay

Jerry Masterson, 33, caught the large yellowfin tuna yellowfin-pg-14-two_edited-1weighing in at over 80 pounds in Tampa Bay, Florida. The horror discovery was made when Mr Masterson started gutting the fish while onboard the boat. “We were convinced we were just going to have one of those days when the fish don’t bite, when I felt a big tug on my line.” Mr Masterson was at first thrilled to land the massive tuna, but was soon disgusted at what he found. He said: “I had just made a cut behind the fish’s head and through its belly, running the knife down along its spine. “My first reaction was one of disgust, because there was a terrible smell of decomposing meat coming from the fish’s stomach. “Inside the fish’s stomach was an awful sight. There was no mistaking that I was looking at a man’s penis and testicles.” Read the rest here 09:22

Unusual Fish Catches Off San Diego Signal Large-Scale El Niño, Researcher Says

Barnett said the ’97-’98 event caused a northward shift of the whole fishery population, drawing an abundance of albacore and Bluefin tuna to San Diego’s unusually warm waters. “We’ve already started to see very unusual fish catches here,” Barnett said. “The first yellowfin tuna was caught in May — that has never happened before to anybody’s recollection.” Read more here 14:17