FISH-NL Launches a Fundraiser to help fund the conclusion of the breakaway union’s drive for certification

FISH-NL announces Go Fund Me campaign; all hands on deck again

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, May 17th, 2018

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) has launched a second Go Fund Me Campaign to raise $75,000 to help fund the conclusion of the breakaway union’s drive for certification.

“We’re almost there,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. “It’s been16 long, hard months since FISH-NL submitted our application for certification and the Labour Relations Board is closer than ever to calling a vote for inshore harvesters to decide their union fate. We need this help to push us over the top.”

It’s not just inshore harvesters who are urged to contribute to the cause, but people everywhere who are concerned with labour rights.

Inshore harvesters are among the most controlled labour group in the Western World, with no pension, no benefits, no right to strike, no free enterprise, and no choice. In recent months the FFAW-Unifor’s executive board went so far as to change the union constitution to ban the thousands of harvesters who signed FISH-NL cards from running for executive positions.

“Your donation will help inshore harvesters finally break free of the FFAW-Unifor and become masters of their own destiny,” says Harvey Jarvis, FISH-NL’s secretary-treasurer. “Your donation will help us achieve that.”

Funds raised will be used to pay for legal fees, and to keep the FISH-NL office running. FISH-NL may not be the official bargaining agent for inshore harvesters just yet, but we’re already operating as a union in terms of fighting for members with various fishery issues.

No donation is too big or too small, and can be made via credit card, cheque, e-mail transfer or cash donation.

Please visit the Go Fund Me Page here:

FISH-NL’s last Go Fund me Campaign was in the fall of 2016 and raised the $16,000 goal in four days.

PLEASE NOTE: FISH-NL operates based on fairness for all harvesters — donations do not translate to influence within FISH-NL. To fish processing companies and the offshore sector — keep your money, FISH-NL is for inshore harvesters only.

Contact: Harvey Jarvis 709 986 1068