Hey! Joey Baby! Scrap Build Back Better, Fund Rebuilding Tornado Destroyed Infrastructure

There is no question, Mother Nature just provided a real infrastructure project to the Congress. A Tornado has leveled parts of eight states in the Heartland of America, and destroyed the lives, dreams and hopes of ordinary American citizens that are now living in despair and homelessness. After watching and listening to so many of the Congressional delegation, one even demanding her student loans to be paid for, it is apparent, the Build Back Better scheme is totally irresponsible in the wake of the Tornado, which is now the Nations focal point.

When major Electrical transmission towers are laying on the ground, whole sewer systems are destroyed, no longer functional, and people are unable to get the services they need to stay safe and secure, and the utility foundation they depend on to do that is no longer there, it’s time to rebuild, and fast! These services demand restoration, not a bunch of greedy politicians that always drag their feet.

Personally, Mr. Biden, I have zero confidence that you can lead.

The 5+ Trillion you and your cohorts are planning on hijacking to bolster political favor to offshore wind farmers, along with