Sam Parisi – Why I will be listening to other candidates in the next election.

Greetings to those that read this.

As a retired fisherman, I have tried to help those who still exist.

As a third generation fisherman and a Democrat, I have helped both Senator Warren and Congressman Seth Moulton of Massachusetts.

I have written them twice and asked for their input and support for a Fish Bill. I am sad to say neither one have answered my letters.

I have donated my time and money and put up campaign signs for them and yet can not get them to respond to me.

I am disappointed

Now I understand that they have a busy schedule but that still not an excuse to not respond.

Sadly, I do not know where to go from here.  We need their help but were are they?

All the while as the political season ramps up, I am receiving emails asking me to donate to other Democrats seeking office!

As our fishing industry continues its down hill slide, so does my admiration and enthusiasm for these politicians.

I mean if you can’t get your own kind to help, who do you get?

Like I said I am discouraged and feel let down by both of them.

I will be listening to other candidates in the upcoming election.

Thank You,

Sam Parisi