Kim Smith – Fishery Activist

One of the videos currently featured at is making the rounds and having an impact. Usually they are exposed for a short time, then forgotten.

JoeyC of GoodmorningGloucester posted an article The Problem with Catch Shares which includes a video being featured here . One of his regular followers (he has so many!) watched the video,

and read the the anecdotal words of some wise men passed  youger men aout the future. ” I remember my dad telling me when I graduated from college and was at the crossroads of either coming down the dock or continuing my education to become an Economics professor.  He said- “Joey if you come down the dock, there’s always gonna be fish and they’re always gonna need a place to offload them.”  Never back then could he or I imagine how much they would have hyper-consolidated the industry and reduce the number of fishermen in our harbor by 80%. So in the middle of composing this post Pete Mondello pulled up to load bait to go lobstering.  Pete doesn’t have any fishing permits any,,,,,,” Read more.

A GMG regular, a lady named Kim Smith read the post, and watched the video. It made enough of an impact for her to write a post on her blog, and become active. There is a petition linked at her blog.

This is grass roots activism at its finest! I welcome Kim Smith – Fishery Activist!



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