The changing face of Moss Landing

Weathered by age and the sea, rusted railings mark the path to Bay Fresh Seafoods, a one-room shop where fourth-generation Moss Landing fisherman Jerid Rold has just arrived with a writhing haul of hagfish – one of his few remaining profitable catches. Across the street stands the sleek and sophisticated Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute – a world-renowned center for advanced research in ocean science. Moss Landing, population 200, is rapidly switching identities. The historic town is seeing its commercial fishing roots disappear as Moss Landing secures its status as a prized destination for marine research and ecotourism. >click to read< 11:22

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  1. JuneauTek says:

    Link broken. Old article I think. Here’s the link I could find:
    Sometimes, its a good idea to actually read the article instead of letting your RSS feed aggregator do the all work for you. Cheers, Boneheads

    • - Moderator says:

      I found it in search yesterday JT! Thanks for the heads up, and I actually did read it from the source I linked it to, dated yesterday, like the replacement link, dated yesterday! RSS feeder? lol! I’m Borehead. Show some respect to my readers. They are far from being boneheads.

  2. JuneauTek says:

    Awesome! Good to know the site isn’t just one link farm. Boneheads was not directed at your readers. No hard feelings, just poking the Borehead.


    Welcome to the site… Did you realize you were conversing with Bore Head?

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