NOAA regional chief, EDF back catch quota caps

Once again, the cart before the horse.

This should have been addressed before amendment 16 was rammed through. The EDF goal of Herr Lubchenco.

Yes, consolidation was occuring pre a-16, but then it really was free market driven consolidation.

Of course, the NSC syndicate likes it the way it is now, and why would’t they?

As far as “crossing the border” skirting the referendum vote, that has already taken place, the reason for the lawsuit.

For the syndicate to be concerned, is like Walmart saying they care about their employees, and they are looking out for their best interests! Why the parallel?

There are a whole bunch of fishermen not represented by the syndicate, that work within the syndicate. Crewmen that rely on the owners to do the right thing for them, as they share the expenses in the free enterprise lay/share arraingement of compensation, along with the owners. Crewmen now pay for leased quota with no representation, along with the regular expenses. They have become poorer and marginalized.

Only now is there a half assed effort to understand the system of compensation through a “socio economic survey” that should have been considered pre a-16.

I’m sure Johanna Thompson is a nice lady, but to read about EDFs concerns about fishermen? I find them amusing, and diingenuous following the history of EDFs actions, and knowing they recieve multi millions year in, year out from the Walton Foundation to privatize the resource.

Funny thing about the “socio” survey. All the current data collected already includes people like Johanna, regulators, and “stakeholders”  involved in fishery issues.

Everyone except the fishermen!


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