Success of NY Offshore Wind Industry Depends on Collaboration with Scallop Fishery – Who’s leaving because of Displacement?!

Governor Cuomo’s 2018 Offshore Wind Master Plan outlines steps for offshore wind development until 2030.  A first-of-its-kind document in the   United States, the plan delineated a study area known as the New York Bight Call Area.. The NY-NJ Bight Call Area is valuable to the Atlantic sea scallop fishery, the largest wild scallop fishery in the world. In 2016, the scallop industry generated $486 million in landings revenue. As a point of comparison, the American lobster was the top species fished in 2016, with $667 million in landings revenue.,, fishermen are concerned that the potential displacement of fishing activity from the wind farms could increase competition for the same scallop resources in the NY-NJ Bight and drive smaller vessels out of business. >click to read< 16:45

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