Blue State Enviro Groups Demand Answers From Green Biden Administration On Whale Deaths

Nonprofit groups in the state’s coastal towns have spent months trying to get the administration to place a moratorium on offshore wind projects until a thorough, transparent investigation can be completed to see if there is a connection to recent whale strandings. Since December 2022, over 20 whales have washed up along east coast shores near survey sites for future offshore wind projects in an unusual mortality rate, according to NOAA. “The low-frequency sonar used in the windmills is causing deafness in the whales. It’s one of those things that science is only going to pick up on years after the fact, in the meantime, whales are being killed,” James Lovgren, board of trustee member of Clean Ocean Action and retired commercial fisherman, told the DCNF. “You have to pause and ask, ‘why are we doing this?’” >click to read< 09:17

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  1. Congrats, Daily Caller News Foundation – You’ve got this “critical” situation exactly right! Few of the folks/organizations involved in this issue that I know of or have heard from is explicitly against wind power. What they/we are demanding is a thorough independent review of the science that has supposedly determined that the seismic testing preparatory to the construction of thousands of wind generators in the New York Bight has had no impacts on the critters that live in or pass through those waters. After President Biden’s much ballyhooed announcement that thousands of massive wind generators (and the obvious extensive infrastructure required to support them) are to be installed in the waters off New Jersey and New York, the idea that any federal employee or any employee or company dependent on a federal or Big Wind paycheck will offer an objective opinion on the issue is patently absurd, so any relevant analyses must be done by truly independent scientists/engineers. We’ve had two months of what sound surprisingly like weasel words from people connected to and/or supported by federal (or Big Wind) bucks. It’s past time that we hear from some credible experts to have no personal or professional ax to grind.

  2. Dottoe Reynolds says:

    Where are the environmentalists and people who care about animals? How much suffering do whales and dolphins endure before they tragically die? What will their deaths accomplish? Countries such as Germany and England who have switched to green energy are currently in a critical energy crisis because they do not have enough energy from wind and solar to meet even minimal needs.. There is an alternative. Modern nuclear power is now safe, less expensive and will not drive marine species to extinction, consume valuable ocean waters and destroy the fishing industry which provides much of our food supply. Do you not drive a Tesla because of the Model T?

    • Nils Stolpe says:

      If you want to know where the so-called environmentalists are on the dead whale issue are, you might want to start by look into their funding sources. The real environmentalists are right where they should be on this issue.

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