The unlikely conversion of the 45m trawler Scintilla Maris

A single-prop fishing trawler is not an obvious choice for conversion into a superyacht, but for the owner of Scintilla Maris it was the only one. We travelled to the Damen Maaskant shipyard near Rotterdam to find out more. Entrepreneur Erik Vonk grew up fascinated by tugboats and trawlers. “In the 1980s and into the ‘90s these steel-hulled boats represented the epitomy of Dutch shipbuilding,” says Vonk. “They were very sturdily built, almost over-engineered, to deal with conditions in the North Sea. I’d been following the Dutch beam trawlers for years and when one became available as part of a decommissioning scheme in 2006 I decided to buy her, basically with a virtual handshake over the phone.” lots of photos, >click to read< 15:32

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