Only 13 per cent of MCS seafood ratings are ‘green’

The Marine Conservation Society has released the latest update to its Good Fish Guide, which sees 53 rating changes with 19 ratings moving down the sustainability scale. The Good Fish Guide includes 337 ratings for seafood caught in UK waters, split into three categories, where ‘green’ is the most sustainable best choice; ‘amber’, which indicates there are some concerns or a lack of data; and ‘red’ – fish to avoid completely due to overfished or otherwise compromised stocks. The majority of seafood ratings in the latest guide – 62 per cent – are amber-rated; just 13 per cent are green. Charlotte Coombes, Good Fish Guide Manager, said: ‘With the majority of UK ratings in the Good Fish Guide staying on amber, it is evident that the UK has yet to fulfil its commitment to achieving world-class sustainability in fisheries.  >>click to read<< 19:27

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