The Fishing Vessel of the Future

Project Octopus, the brainchild of Walter van Harberden, naval architect and one of the directors of Padmos, is more than just a fishing vessel. It is a vessel powered by a diesel-electric engine but could be entirely electric or powered by another energy source in the future. This could be possible thanks to its ‘modular’ structure. In concrete terms, the boat will have a basic hull with removable containers in which batteries or hydrogen can be stored. This principle of modularity will also enable the vessel to be versatile, so that it can be used for purposes other than fishing. ‘When the fishing season is over, we can replace the containers for storing fish with containers for other types of equipment,’ explains Walter van Harberden. Like a real octopus, the vessel will have several strings to its bow. It can be adapted to different fishing techniques: fly-shooter, single trawl or twin rig trawl. Photos, more, >>click to read<<

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