‘They were lucky’: 5 crew rescued from sinking mussel boat in Malpeque Harbour

The 45-foot vessel ran aground on a sandbar and started taking on water in rough seas just after 8 a.m. Monday, said Timothy Wall, a fisherman from the area. The New London Fire Company told CBC News there were five people aboard at the time. Wall said the boat was trying to bring a load of mussels in when it struck the sandbar. “When the boat went aground, everybody just kind of climbed on the side, then they had to climb on the roof,” he said. “It’s dangerous — it’s rocky and it’s windy and it’s cold.” “[The crew members] were lucky, but they did everything right. They put their life jackets on, they got up high on the vessel, they radioed out for help, the other boats came [and] we came along. The system works.” Video’s, photos. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 12:14

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