Flex Doors Provide Flexibility

Mørenot’s distinctive red Injector doors can be seen in practically every Icelandic port as its Sparrow and Cobra designs are becoming increasingly popular. Cobra doors have two sets of louvres, while the Sparrows have three. ‘If you’re fishing with twin-rig gear and need to go down to one trawl, then the doors are going to be too large, so the crew can reduce the surface area by opening louvres in the doors. Or if a trawler works more than one set of gear for different fishing grounds or target species, then the doors can be adjusted to match the trawl, so this would be ideal for the Spanish fleet that operates over so many areas,’ said Mørenot Ísland’s Björn Jóhannsson. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 10:50

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