The Role of Oceans (and Overfishing) in Climate Change

To understand how/why NOAA/NMFS are destroying our fishing industry, you need to look to the UN and the ENGO’s that control it’s agenda. That is why I’m here at Fishery Nation, together we can expose this shakedown by the Big Green Mafia!

Blue Carbon: The Role of Oceans (and Overfishing) in Climate Change

Interesting article on the ocean’s understudied role in climate change. See video at end of story which highlights research on overfishing disrupting oceanic carbon sink:
“…The Patagonian shelf absorbs about 17 million metric tons of carbon per year, equivalent to all the carbon contained in 100 thousand hectares of rain forest. The Patagonian shelf break is one of the most important fisheries regions on earth. Today most experiments agree that marine ecosystems are badly overfished and that at the present pace no fisheries are sustainable. A decrease in fish population could eventually affect zooplankton and phytoplankton communities thereby disrupted by (sic) the ability of the oceans to capture CO2. Such alterations of the marine ecosystem would be analogous to the impact of land use change on the continental carbon budget. These changes are still poorly understood and may bring with them unexpected surprises. Monitoring ocean productivity, carbon budgets and fisheries is important to understand options and interventions in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.”

In other words, according to the Big Green Mafia “at the present pace no fisheries are sustainable”. So when some puppet from NOAA or the EU tells you that you are overfishing, and they have lots of studies and data to show, it’s all b.s.! As far as the Big Green Mafia is concerned, all of you must be eliminated. To save the world from global warming.


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