Got lobster? Maine industry to boost marketing (see related “Lobster band pushes Atlantic Canada brand”) posted earlier

California has its  raisins, Florida its oranges and Vermont has maple syrup. Now, Maine’s  lobster industry is trying to market its brand more broadly and increase  sales of the state’s best-known seafood. The annual marketing  budget for lobsters will increase more than six-fold to $2.2 million  under a law taking effect in October, launching what some call a new era  for the industry. more@portlandpress  22:13

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    Patrick Swim wants the world to know that the best lobsters come from Atlantic Canada.

    “Atlantic Canadian lobster have higher protein, are heartier and travel better,” said the founder of Canadian Atlantic Lobster Inc. of Bedford in an interview Friday.

    Swim is a Cape Sable Island native whose family has been involved in the lobster industry since 1896.

    He said Canadian Atlantic Lobster is a marketing company organized as a co-operative that he hopes can bring together the estimated 80,000 people who work in the regional lobster industry to maximize its potential.

    So the state will raise the cost of licenses for working people to support a new bureaucracy to compete against the Canadian lobster that is the same G damned lobster that will be adorned with bands that have a red maple leaf?

    How foolish to think national brands of the same product will produce anything but a pie cut into smaller pieces feeding administrative non producers with fancy titles being subsidized by working people competing in a depressed world economy.

    From what I’m reading, the objective is to drive the price up for lobstermen through marketing that will be a full blown competition, which in reality drives prices down.

    Unless lobstermen in the Northwest Atlantic collaborate and work together marketing their product, the only thing that will be accomplished is more hangers on to feed.

    I don’t believe Lobstermen benefit. I hope I’m wrong.

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