‘Wicked Tuna’ may be as good as it gets this winter – The Bermuda perspective

 The show basically follows the lives of several boat crews, all of whom fish on boats based in the fishing seaport of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Apart from contributing significantly to National Geographic’s share of the television audience, tourism in this town, about 50 miles from Boston, has enjoyed a boom based on the series. Read more here 14:05

One Response to ‘Wicked Tuna’ may be as good as it gets this winter – The Bermuda perspective

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    They forget Artistic License or should I say Movie Magic. If they only knew the reality of this Reality Show. Nothing against the Crews they’re being directed. I’m happy for them but the reality is the Bottom Line is less lucrative without the benefits of the Show. Green with ENVY. I must say Kudos to them. I for one miss it, but the reality is it would be more lucrative working at Mcdonald’s putting in the same time you put in on a Commercial Bluefin Boat. You wouldn’t get the same rush as being on the Rod. There’s a big difference between Tuna-wishing and CATCHING. Because the Bluefin Diner has changed off of Cape Ann and the Cape since the mid 90’s.
    Forget about any sour Grapes comments. I’ve already been there and done it. As I said I’m Happy for the Guys.

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