Potty politics: Toilet rules for boats to be enforced

CBC_News_logoAll vessels equipped with an on-board toilet will soon be forced to install sewage tanks or marine sanitation devices, according to Transport Canada. The requirement has been law for seven years, but Ottawa granted a reprieve for fishing and pleasure boat owners because of the cost of installation. Read more here 11:25

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  1. Jim Kendall says:

    Similar laws or regulations “MARPOL” have been in place since the 70s, but actual enforcement has been varied in effect as an International Convention for close to 25-30 years. Here in the US they’ve apply to raw sewerage discharge from toilets aboard fishing vessels for about that long. Requirements were generally based upon vessel size & disposition. Even discharges from galley sinks, & bathroom or “head” sinks are regulated dependent upon distances from shore, etc.

    A “MSD” 9marine sanitation device) is required to be chained & locked once inside territorial waters at all times & heads or bathrooms were supposed to be locked at the dock.(not sure if still a requirement)

    There recently was an effort to restrict deck water (wash-down) from being allowed to flow overboard, but it has generated a lot of push back even politically.

    We seem to go, “From the sublime to the ridiculous!”

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