Rule prohibits gill nets within 100 yards of N.C. beaches – takes effect Sunday

A new rule — which governs the use of gill nets and takes effect Sunday — is designed to protect  The rule prohibits small mesh gill nets within 100 yards of most North Carolina beaches. Two areas are exempt from the setback, however. The exceptions are between Cape Lookout and Bogue Inlet, and between Carolina Beach Inlet and the South Carolina line. more@jdnews 12:01


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  1. l ballou says:

    Why are there exceptions!!!!!!! This should be in effect for all NC beaches!!!! We live on Oak Island and are a turtle sanctuary and have a family of dolphins that swim between Bald Head Island and Oak Island pier constantly…The gill nets should not be allowed off NC coast!!!! People still come to the NC beaches during the Fall months( families that have children in NC “year round” school ) …We should be ashamed of ourselves to allow these Gill nets to be place so close to shore and cause danger to sealife and families that may be enjoying our beaches…
    As my husband and I were walking on the beach today , we noticed a man that had pulled his row boat onto the beach and proceeded to unroll several gill nets to set out…there was al lovely family having a picnic on the beach where he chose to set his nets(they were there first)..the family was enjoying a swim and It worried me that the small children could be caught up in the nets or that people who were visiting our area for fishing purposes were unable to enjoy their sport due to gill nets that were being placed in the water and left unattended…I thought that the NC beaches were being advertised as a place to be enjoyed by everyone not just gill net fishermen…
    I did approach the man in his rowboat and asked him politely not to put out the nets so close to the family and to be aware of the family of dolphins that we had swimming by…He looked at me and “smirked” and continued with his netting…
    I really find it difficult to believe that gill netting is prohibited on some beaches in NC but not others…What’s good/bad for one beach in NC should also be good/bad for the others!!!!!!

  2. - Moderator says:

    Its very nice that the family could enjoy a day at the beach, with a nice picnic lunch of food produced by someone that is in the occupation of feeding others.

    The gill net fisherman was also in the process of harvesting food to feed people.

    Too bad they didn’t take the time to explain to the children about where food comes from. It’s not the grocery store!
    It may be sold there, but it’s not from there.

    Shame on you for your selfish expectation that the water belongs to you, and working people don’t fit into your little world.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. l ballou says:

    Shame on you!!! this man was NOT a commercial fisherman!!!!!!
    I do not think the waters belong to me but to sealife and to us all…I did not know I was sending a note to someone who doesn’t know why the rule of 100 yard gill fishing applies to one NC beach and not another…I really don’t want to hear your responses when you don’t seem to know anymore about the new law than I do and I really don’t appreciate to be responded to as you just did…I guess you are a gill fisherman just like the one I encountered on the beach…Shame on YOU for thinking the waters belong to Gill fisherman …. …PLease remove me from your email site!!!!!!!!1

  4. …PLease remove me from your email site!!!!!!!!1

    Here in lies the problem. While I read all of this banter I can relate to all points of view with an open mind. People will interact with each other whether pursuing a living on the ocean, relaxing on the beach or hunting for food where hikers may be or just about anywhere individuals pursue hobbies, recreation or livelihoods. Perhaps this fisherman rubbed you the wrong way with his response. It doesn’t make him an evil person.

    If you were to follow the way commercial fishing has been demonized over the years perhaps you would have a little bit of sympathy for this guy. Fishermen have been worn pretty thin from all the attacks. But it would appear that your philosophy is my way or the highway and you refuse to look at the big picture.

    I’m at the beach and the rest of the world must go on hold while I’m there for my fun in the sun. Get real!!!

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