Elderly Vallejo boat captain ‘held hostage’ by wrecked ship

Doug Wagoner thought he’d prepared well for his retirement, but found out that the city of Vallejo is literally blocking his plan. The 80-year-old is not getting any younger. A boat captain for 30 years — and a fisherman for 35, most of that time commercially at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf — Wagoner said he moved the trawler he lives in and his three work boats to the Vallejo Marina 20 years ago. It was then that Wagoner bought a 28-foot barge,,, Shortly after that, the city docked a rusting, 142-foot, 28-foot-wide, World War II-era, three-story, steam ferry troop ship and onetime floating restaurant, between the barge and the exit, blocking it in. >click to read< 08:58

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