INFORMATION UPDATE: New Webinar Informatio​n for SBA/USDA Presentati​on today at 3pm

As a reminder, due to the high level of interest for the webinar presentation at 3:00 PM today by the SBA and USDA, we had to switch to meeting software that could accommodate a larger number of participants. In order to access this meeting remotely, please dial 866-647-1746 and enter the pass code 6042534. To view the presentations, go to, enter your name and “knock” for access. For more information, contact Olivia Rugo, Northeast Regional Office, at [email protected] or 978-675-2167. 10:02

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Plenty of bureucrat’s from SBA to get YOU the assistance you deserve!
    Of Course, they can’t seem to blend the audio into the web display, needing to use the web, and the telephone simultaneously!
    Well done!
    Naturally, we are used to shoddy audio presentations, and seventeen minutes into the presentation, we are not disappointed!
    At the moment, there are 30 viewers on the web page, with no way of knowing if there are more listeners on the phone conference line.

    In between the broken communication, The discussion is about what it takes to Qualify, and what collateral is acceptable to secure the loan, which means laying everything you own on the line!

    If your credit is shaky, or any of your papers are not in order, It seems as though you’re shit outta luck!

    You have until August 1st to apply.

    What I do find troubling is the discussion is about Ma. fishermen, and not about regional fishermen, as this is a regional disaster.

    From the sounds of it, these loans have strict guidelines about how the funds can be used.

    This is far from what is needed to sustain the industry.

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