Grachek – Seismic Blasting: More Dots

supereco manStay with me on this one. Press briefing on Atlantic seismic surveys, Erik Milito, API director upstream and industry operations Thursday, February 27, 2014 “The economic benefits of opening the Atlantic to offshore oil and natural gas development will be felt all across the country…” The oil companies are among the most powerful entities on the planet and they want the ocean.

They also want to know the “most efficient drilling locations” so they’re going to start seismic blasting along the East Coast and are busy sending out their initial public opinion cover-stories; what’s really interesting though, is how the agencies of the government, the academic institutions, and the environmental groups, all in a coordinated way, seem to fall in line to be the point men dutifully performing the marketing prevarications for these mammoth companies.  Read more here  04:40

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  1. Tammy Graham says:

    It is beyond shameful what our hypocritical federal agencies are doing to our oceans and fish. Worse damage than any fisherman. Here is a link to the BSEE website. Under “Platform List of Structures Removed and Method of Removal” you will see how many times they’ve used explosives to remove old rigs.

    This video captures the effects of using such explosives. Literally thousands of pounds of fish are killed.

    To my knowledge this is still going on.

    They try to say that they’re looking for other ways such as cutting an toppling the rigs, but the damage has already been done.

    Tammy Graham
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