God Bless You, and Thank You


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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Bore Head…

    I replied to someone with this very comment about remembering D-Day:

    is a good day to stop and think about what American and Allied troops
    went through seventy years ago on “D DAY”. And thank God you didn’t have
    to jump off a landing craft on that beach, and think that they did this
    to liberate people they never met.”
    My reply:

    it is, a day to give a few moments to reflect on one of the most world
    changing battles in human history, the “D-DAY” beach landing.

    was a story on the radio yesterday of a man who was with the “SCREAMING EAGLES” of the 101st, parachuting down into a hornets nest of NAZI SS….and he said it was literally a “turkey-shoot” for them, as he
    remembered descending through what could be described as fireworks
    coming up from the ground. How he lived though this day he was asked,
    and as he said back, “what could you say, it just wasn’t his time.”

    can see the black and white videos of our Airborne Corps, a number
    making their final jump…. or other news reels taken of and during the landing on the beaches off Normandy….I highly doubt you can truly
    understand the terror during the early hours of the engagement, where
    the surf line along Omaha was described as “bloody red” and the bodies
    of the drowned washing up throughout the day, next to men who were killed as they took their first and last steps along those sandy beaches in France.

    is talked about the hardship of the men in the landing crafting heading
    towards the beach…… a good number suffering severe sea sickness due
    to eating large meals prior to boarding, and then the rough seas that morning they encountered in the English Channel.

    How come so many
    in this country forget that we have so much because of men like this who would sacrifice themselves in standing up to evil?

    There is
    the monument of the “Les Braves” on that very beach that marks the day when Americans helped to liberate the world, but when you see the
    pictures and videos of the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, it
    puts into perspective how many of our troops lost their life on those initial days in liberating as you said, “people they have never met…”

    • borehead says:

      or people some of the would ever know. Children, grand children,,,They were magnificent.

      We were blessed, thanks to that brave, unselfish generation that was by far the best this country has ever produced.

      I thought of this song today. Hadn’t heard it for a long time. Definitely gives fuel for reflection.

      Best regards, Ec.

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