Who speaks up for tourism in midst of aquaculture pollution?

Our guests are not here to walk among slime-filled rocks, swim in polluted waters, to smell or see decaying fish or debris on our shores. These open-pen fish farms are only just the beginning in Nova Scotia. If these big corporations get the approval they want from the federal and provincial governments, it won’t be long before you see fish farms in every bay, cove and harbour throughout the province, which could eventually destroy everything that was good for tourism in Nova Scotia. Read the rest here 08:17

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Scale it down to a simple Dairy Farm. The Barns have to be cleaned up on a daily basis. The waste taken and composted or trucked out. Regular Veterinarian check-ups of the Animals, treatment for preventive measures and treatment of sick Animals. Where does the run-off go? We already know that Medicine is now in our Water just from the Human Population. Now how about Parasites all Species have them. Now congregate an enormous number of a Species in a fixed Area. Things can become pandemic quite quickly. How about escapement or Species in close proximity of these densely populated Pens. Wildlife will be effected by these Industrialized Seafood growing Sites as will the Water and surroundings. Tides and Currents will move Water, Waste, and such to other Areas. So there is a lot to consider here.

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