“The folks in Washington, they’re just not doing their job,” – Low prices mark start of fall shrimp season

Andrew Naccio (left) and Eli Bruce look over nets today on Bruce’s boat the Sweet Bucket in Cut Off.Area fishermen reported good catches but low prices during the first week of the fall shrimp season. On Monday the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries opened the shrimp season for waters within three miles of the coast. “They’re beautiful shrimp,” Carol Terrebonne, an owner of The Seafood Shed in Golden Meadow, said today. Clint Guidry, president of the Louisiana Shrimpers Association, said shrimpers are receiving roughly 60-65 percent of the prices they were last year. Contributing to the price drop is an influx of imported shrimp and reluctance from federal officials to enforce regulations already on the books, Guidry said. Read the rest here 07:28

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