NOAA and it’s ENGO “Partner’s” issues report on at-sea monitors

NOAA Fisheries this week stepped further into that maelstrom with a largely internally generated report that focuses on cost comparisons between the current manual system of at-sea monitoring and electronic monitoring. It also released an independent review of the NOAA report. The NOAA report, generated with the assistance of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and other non-governmental organizations, concedes a wide array of assumptions — it is based on hypothetical Northeast multispecies and Atlantic herring and mackerel fisheries — and accepts that it is merely “a starting point for developing future [electronic monitoring] program designs.” The conclusions? Read the rest here 08:14

One Response to NOAA and it’s ENGO “Partner’s” issues report on at-sea monitors

  1. illusion1256 says:

    The original report in 2010 gave a cost of $53,978 for electronic
    monitoring but everybody at NOAA and NGOs kept saying trust us the cost
    will be lower and now we know why they said trust us because the price
    tag is much higher $87,475; and if they find something (anything) that
    looks fishy the cost skyrockets because the fishermen pay for the extra

    This is such a wonderful system we have NOAA and the
    NGOs design the criteria, pick the companies, decide how much to review
    or not review, decide which fishermen deserve the extra reviewing. Cape
    Cod Hooker’s get a pass because they are funded by the NGOs and anyone
    who says something bad about NOAA gets extra scrutiny.

    Is there
    any other industry that the government dictates that 5-10% of your gross
    income is to be paid for monitoring, how about BP, Exon, Shell, donate
    5% of their gross income. Or how about Perdue, Tyson, Monsanto, the pig
    and cattle farms, are any of them going to pay 5-10% of their gross
    income to be monitored.Maybe Donald Trump can say to the whole bunch at NOAA you are FIRED.

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