Enviro Lobby’s Coordinated Efforts to back door NE Marine Monument’s exposed!

duncey peteOne month ago, environmental groups were strategizing over their latest bid: Get the Obama administration to create its first marine monument off New England. They had talks with fishing groups, lawmakers and think tanks. At the end of August, they exchanged emails over their progress — and in one, the president of the Conservation Law Foundation warned everyone to keep quiet about the possibility of a breakthrough at the upcoming Our Ocean Conference in Chile. The email showed up in response to a public records request that Saving Seafood filed with the office of Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s. Read the rest here Read the email’s here 08:40

5 Responses to Enviro Lobby’s Coordinated Efforts to back door NE Marine Monument’s exposed!

  1. philips66 says:

    “We were trying to keep that quiet because we didn’t want to give the opposition more of an advantage. The more time they had, the more opportunity they would have to lobby, to fight it, to organize against it.” Said while in the middle of a massive lobbying push by his Big Green Mafia. Lobbying for we, but none for thee! Do as I say, not as I do!

  2. […] The emails in question were originally obtained by via public records requests, and were first reported by Greenwire.  Read the rest […]

  3. Ec Newell Man says:

    Folks, you keep forgetting that we have a lawless rogue in the West Wing who specifically told the American public, “I have a phone and pen”…and mind you, this is a very minor issue with the way POTUS is going to transform this country while ensconced in office.

    Pandering to the leftwing ENVIRO-wackos who so far has stopped Keystone XL, and the deep pockets of the biggest player in oil drilling in Alaska, Shell.

    There should be no reason for this:

    “The creation of monuments is usually shrouded in secrecy. Presidents can unilaterally create them under the Antiquities Act, a century-old law that requires no public process and no congressional approval.”

    No public process??????

    Congress do your job and assert your constitutional powers on these issues.

    14 more months and counting down…..

  4. Ec Newell Man says:

    Good morning here in FISHERY NATION and…look at what slithered out from under the liberal-cesspool of creative prose:

    Jeremy Barringer

    Ec Newell Man•
    25 minutes ago

    Your a fucking idiot EC NEWELL

    C’mon, is that the best you can come up with?

    Hey Bore Head…. this should get some conversation here…though I can hear this daily while riding on a NYC Subway train….

    Seems I struck a cord in just pointing out the facts….BOO HOO!

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