Stonington fish wholesaler calls on Sen. Blumenthal for help

Ten years ago Gambardella Wholesale Seafood would take in fish from eight to ten boats a day. This week they only had one boat. The Stonington fish processing plant sits silent more often than not these days which is why owner Mike Gambardella invited Senatory Richard Blumenthal to meet with him and fishermen on Friday. “I need help so bad,” he tells the senator. “It’s terrible.” Gambardella says outdated federal fishing regulations are sinking his family business. The fish aren’t coming through his doors because fisherman are limited on what they can reel in. Read the rest here. 17:53

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  1. DANDOG says:

    Mr.Gambardella, you are a noble and honorable man,you deserve way better than what has been dealt to you. Unfortunately,this quagmire you and the rest of us are in cannot be saved by anything that Senator Blumenthal has control over – the corruption and chicanery of the current ‘catch shares’system is to blame for this mess -until this system is called out for the disaster it is,and there is meaningful change – you and the hard working fishing families of New England will continue to suffer and go by the wayside

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