Saving Phyllis A hits a snag – $200K in state aid never came; fundraising off track

57329adee9b53.imageThe Phyllis A is looking a little dispirited these days, ensconced in the shadows thrown by the cluster of boats in the storage lot of Gloucester Marine Railways on Rocky Neck. The 91-year-old gillnetter, the oldest former commercial fishing boat in a place where that should mean something, sits under a tarp on the railway’s ubiquitous boat stands, its hull a warren of good wood and bad. On the pavement next to it, the old boat’s pilot house, removed to allow access to on-deck work areas, rests like a tiny sidekick. “She’s drying out,” said Douglass Parsons, the longtime foreman at the railways. “We should have had her back in the water last month. The longer she stays here, the more work that will have to be done.” Read the story here  09:48

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