Listen – Todays Oversight Hearing on the Implications of President Obama’s National Ocean Policy


Following unsuccessful efforts to pass major national ocean policy legislation during three successive Congresses under both Democrat and Republican majorities, the Obama Administration initiated the development of a sweeping multi-agency federal management plan for oceans. This effort culminated with the July 2010 issuance by the White House of National Ocean Policy Executive Order 13547. Invited Witnesses:  Mr. Dan Keppen Executive Director, Family Farm Alliance Klamath Falls, Oregon Ms. Elizabeth Kerttula Director, National Ocean Council Washington, D.C. Mr. Jim Lanard Chief Executive Officer, Magellan Wind Collingswood, New Jersey Ms. Meghan Lapp Fisheries Liaison, Seafreeze, Ltd. North Kingstown, Rhode Island Mr. Bob Zales President, National Association of Charterboat Operators Hurley, Mississippi 15:47

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