Prices and catch were all positive in lobster fishing area 27

lobster area 27The 2016 lobster season was marked by good weather, good catches and good prices. “The price reached $8 early in the season and stayed there until the end,” said Alvin LeBlanc, a crewmember on the All Jacked Up out the Ballast Grounds in North Sydney. “It’s a pretty intense nine weeks, but this season’s been a good one.” Fishermen in area 27 from Bay St. Lawrence to Forchu set their traps May 14. Speculation was that the fishermen would get $6 a pound to start the season. Richard Gerrow, who has been fishing for more than 40 years, said the price started at $6 and just kept climbing. “Overall it was a pretty good season and it helped that the weather was good on most days.” Read the rest here 13:09

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