Be There! Saturday, Sept 10th – Brew River’s boat docking event a ‘rodeo on the water’

The ninth annual “Boat Dockin’ ” competition is set to take off in Salisbury this weekend, with a promise of a water rodeo that will showcase the expertise that only Eastern Shore watermen can offer. Erik “Flea” Emely, head of the “Chesapeake Cowboys,” who will be participating in the Saturday, Sept. 10, competition, says the long-running event is a personification of the area. “This really shows off exactly what the Eastern Shore waterman scene is about,” he said. The competition began in Crisfield decades ago, Emely said, but has recently spread across the Eastern Shore. Large boats versus smaller ones, single-manned vessels and team competitions will all be displayed at the event. All participants involved hold a commercial fishing or crabbing license, Emely said. Video, Read the story here 08:50

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