Essex Pinky Schooner Ardelle to be Showcased at The Boatshop at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH, Saturday, November 12

ardelle-under-sail-1058x1280-463x560The Boatshop at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH, will host “An Afternoon with ARDELLE: Harold Burnham and the building of an Essex Schooner” with Essex Shipbuilder and National Heritage Fellow Harold Burham and Photographer Dan Tobyne. This colorful, illustrated discussion about the building of the ARDELLE and the creation of The Shipwright and the Schooner, the newly released softcover book that chronicles the project, will take place on Saturday, November 12 at 4:00pm at the Strawbery Banke Museum Tyco Visitor Center. The presentation will conclude with a chance to mix and mingle with Burnham and Tobyne. Refreshments will be served. On September 6, 2010, facing the “economic downturn” head on with no prospects for work and slowly going broke, Burnham laid the keel for a 40-ton pinky schooner. Over the course of the vessel’s construction, his friends and family came through offering, time, materials, expertise, and money. In less than a year, the ARDELLE was completed, certified by the Coast Guard to carry 49 passengers, and now operates charter sails out of Gloucester. Read the rest and the details here 18:29

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