Here’s the other iconic N.S. boat to be immortalized on a coin

A type of boat designed in Nova Scotia that’s become a ubiquitous sight at East Coast fishing ports over the past century will soon be found in the pockets of Canadians. The new 2017 commemorative loonie, part of a design contest by the Royal Canadian Mint, will feature a Cape Islander boat among other Canadian icons and landmarks. Featuring unmistakable high bows and an open workspace, the boat is believed to have originated in Clark’s Harbour around 1905. A write-up on the boat can be found on the town’s website as part of its local history section. ,”Most people now are pretty familiar with the Cape Islander boat,” said Leigh Stoddart, mayor of Clark’s Harbour, a small community on Cape Sable Island off Nova Scotia’s southwest coast. Watch a cool video, Read the story here 12:24

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