The deadliest cast: Creating a batch of rubber crabs

On the Discovery Channel’s hit show, “Deadliest Catch,” Derrick Ray is a captain for one of Alaska’s most successful and beloved crab fishing ships, the Aleutian Ballad. During the offseason for crabbing each summer,Ray and his crew take customers on the high seas to simulate the experience — at least without the rough weather, long hours and extreme danger. A staple of the Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour is that the customers get to see the massive 10-pound crabs up close. Every year, the team keeps between 500 and 800 of these crabs in tanks for the tourists during the summer. During every tour season, many of the crabs do not survive. And when they die, they start to rot and smell, then must be thrown away. Not only does the high value of the crabs cut into the company’s bottom line, but the whole process is also wasteful. Ray and his company wanted a more sustainable approach. Rubber crabs! Read this interesting article about 3-D printing here 20:26

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